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Wed, Nov 20, 2019 7:36 AM

Auto Sync needs warnings, bells, alarms

I love auto sync. I hate auto sync. As a professional who's probably filtered a million photos through LR since beta, this feature is just too powerful to not have an alarm that triggers when parameters are hit. Too many times have I not noticed that the shade of gray around the filmstrip photos are lighter than normal. I've blown away edits to hundreds of images at a time and have to walk them back, hoping I can get to a point just before the autosync destroyed them.

WANT: If more than X images are selected, the Auto Sync button FLASHES with every single history state change. Or, flash a red box around the image I'm editing. Something. Some cue that warns me. I've asked for this for probably 8 years now. I'm a professional. I consider myself a LR expert. I get burnt enough by auto sync that I open the office window and yell on a monthly basis. But, it's too great of a feature to ignore and shy away from.


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