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Mon, Jan 30, 2017 1:58 PM


Camera Raw/Lightroom Feature Request - Adjustment Lasso!

The adjustment brush in Lightroom is pretty awesome especially when working with HDR architectural photos where there is the competing color temperatures of daylight and interior lights. However, this can be very cumbersome with the brush...

It would be awesome if there was also a freeform and polygonal lasso adjustment tool that does the same thing as the brush, but it would make it significantly easier to make more accurate adjustments on objects such as doors, windows, angular items, etc.

Essentially, please just take the adjustment brush tool and give a FREEFORM and POLYGONAL lasso option for it as well. Thanks!

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5 y ago

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I would like to request for the Polygonal Lasso Tool or the Quick Selection Tool to be in Lightroom Develop mode. This tool will be more useful and precise in doing any selection that the current rectangular or round/oval selection. 

It would allow users to use the polygonal Lasso Tool to select an area like a window area to process.  I think with this tool, I can do 95% of all my adjustments using Lightroom alone and without the need to go into Photoshop. 

I hope you will consider adding this to LR. Thank you. 

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3 y ago

Am I missing something?  I have been needing a polygonal lasso selection tool in Adobe Camera Raw
for quite some time now.  Before opening in Photoshop, I frequently need to carefully select and adjust sections of the image like a window, or a LED screen, where I would normally use a polygonal lasso tool in Photoshop...but this doesn't seem to exist in the raw controls.....only circular selection tools and gradation selection tools.  Please show me I am wrong, and the tools is there somewhere!
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It’s not somewhere. Camera Raw is not a full fledged version of Photoshop for raw files. It does not have separate selection tools like Photoshop, only three local adjustment tools. Try the Adjustment Brush, maybe with Auto Mask turned on. That is as close as you will get. Or accept that this is where you open the image in Photoshop for further editting.

Johan W. Elzenga,

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PLEASE add the lasso tools to the adjustment brush in Camera Raw.  PLEEEEEEEASE!! 

Sometimes you just need really specific selection control. 

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Absolutely, this was needed in 2018 and it is still needed today.

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1 y ago

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In a sense, we
only have the gradient tool and the adjustment brush for “selecting” areas upon
which to make a variety of adjustments.

But wouldn’t it
be great if Adobe would add at least the polygonal selection tool, and maybe
even the lasso tool, etc...  Doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to do,
but it would make a HUGE different in the ability to control where you make
adjustments within an image.

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1 y ago

And wouldn't this feature reduce the need to go to Photoshop?

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6 m ago

I do a ton of real estate photography and it would be incredibly useful to make square masks for windows. 

Ideally I could draw them like using the polygonal or pen tool in photoshop. But if it's easier to code, it could just be a square shape with control points for skewing the corners. Best if one could add multiple squares to the same mask so I could do a group of windows without having to make 4+ masks that share the same adjustments.

Right now, If I want to mask in a window in Lightroom, it's a convoluted system of precision brushing with the radial or brush filters, and it's too difficult to make it perfect. There's almost always spill into the windows or on the window sills.

Haloing from imprecise brushing:

Just leaving the mullions dark because it's too much trouble:
A proper mask made in photoshop with the pen tool:
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