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Comments on Lightroom 4

Use an Apple iMac 27’ Intel Core i7, 4 core, 8 GB RAM, Video ATI Radeon HD 4850; OS 10.6.8 (will have to shift to OS 10.7), second screen Eizo EV2313W

Beta-version opens automatically in NL/Dutch. I did not want that because of bad / unlogical translations. (This has always been the case. Therefore I always used the En-version. Makes comunication on int. forums easier too.) Long terms like (translated back) ‘ISO-value lightsensitivity’ take up so much space that there is hardly any space left in the column to see, what the actual setting is.
Even worse is, that because of these long terms there is a also lot less space for the sliders. They became way too short and thus “overreact”, once you start sliding them. Results in bad operation. I am sure this goes for many languages

1. Library module
- LR / Importwindow does NOT apear automatically after connecting with camera / inserting memorycard, like it did in LR 2 and 3. I liked the ‘old-fashioned’ importwindow of LR 1 & 2 a lot better. Especially beginners are having a hard time finding their way through the new window of LR 3 & 4, with (little bits of) text everywhere. Not what you would call an improvement...

In the Importwindow you have to manually select every picture you want import after deselecting the whole bunch or vice versa: deselect every picture you do NOT want import after selecting ‘all’.
When will you finally implement the option of clicking the first picture you (do not) want and then Shift + click the last, or Command + click to (de)select single pics. Any Apple(-related) software works like that for ages.

-‘Sort order’ in Toolbar (bottom) has to be switched on every time again (default = capture time. Who cares about that after having established a sequence?)

-In ‘Export Files’-window the ‘Stack’-checkbox has to be switched off every time again if you don’t wont to stack. Anoying.

Bug: On opening an image in Loupe-view I don’t always get a histogram (sub-window stays gray).

- Compare photos should be possible in any module, most of all in ‘Develop module’. I don’t want to switch back all the time when I ‘m developing.

2. Developing Module
-Processing column: sliders are to short (narrow) > overreact when minimal movements are required.

‘Automatic’ correction changes various values, like ‘Highlights’ but the changes aren’t shown on the sliders. I ‘d like to see that return!

- Bug: Manually changed value of e.g. colortemp doesn’t show (mini-window stays blank) for at least a while. And it is hard to get out of it again.

- Shortkey needed for Red Eye Reduction

- ‘Redo’ is Command + Z in LR; Command + Y in PS. Not logical, please make it similar.

- Absolutely anoying and frustrating is the idea of applying ‘Undo’, (Shift +) Command + Z, also to moving to the previous or next photo or even to the previous or next module. Everybody has been used for years to doing that with the (Command +) Arrow-keys. Thus you have already selected the previous picture and instead of undoing / redoing an Edit you shift to a totally diferent photo! PLease change this into the way PS does that.

- Clone Stamp (or Heal) is a catastrophy compared to its perfect relative in Photoshop. My main frustration about (any version of) LR! Absolutely needs a major improvemenet.

- Crop Tool moves the picture in stead of the tool itself, again opposite to PS. I would rather have it similar to PS. Athough.... the same time the leveling tool works briljantly (especially if your wife never ever seems to be able to keep the horizon strait...) .

Highlight and black clipping warning inside of the Histogram have to be switched on every time again. Like the ‘stacking-option’ I ‘d like to see LR ‘remenber’ my personal prefs.

Auto Tone provides a ridicously overexposed result 75% of the cases - including heavy highlight clipping! Make it customisible! (and savable as presets).

‘Sync Settings’ should (also?) be enabled in ‘Develop’ Now it won’t Copy + Paste or Sync.

3. Slide show Module
File renaming, like in Bridge, is what I am really missing, starting from LR 1. I don’t wnat to switch to Bridge, which I find utterly useless, for solely this purpose. So I would highly apriciate the possibility to really move the ‘slides’ around and than permanently (batch-)rename them. so not just for the purpose of a temporarily slide show.

Bug: Slide show gets ‘stuck’ in first folder that was openend after start-up. If you shift to anather folder later (through Library) ‘Slide show’ won’t shift with it, you still get to see the first set.

First >< second screen

When screen 1 is changed from ‘Loupe-view’ to ‘Compare-view’ ‘at the time screen 2 is in ‘Grid-view’, 2 will then auto-shift to Compare-view. Back into ‘Loupe’, 1 gets stuck in Compare, even when you don’t want to compare. You have to switch 1 back to the Grid and manually select the next image you want to judge / compare.
(Using 1 screen al together, you do’nt get out of the ‘Compare’, unless you do via Grid. Slows down and anoys!)
Screen 2 should always remain in the view, you have put it into manually.
Or, mayby better, let the user define combi’s he likes (in the Preferences?), like:
a. Screen 1 in Loupe + 2 in Grid
b. 1 in Develop + 2 in Compare
and so on

(Un Manual: up-/down-key de-/increases selected feature, like Brghtness??)


LR 4becomes very slow, when the catalog becoms bigger (now ± 240 MB), using both sreens.

Please maintain as may (logical) shortkeys as possible. I, and I am shure many others, use them all the time. (Don’t bother about Apple getting rid of some of their own in that #$%^&* Mac OS 10.7!!)

This is as far as I got. I look forward to see and work with the final version of LR 4.

Kind Regards

Jan Evert Meijer

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These are good ideas but this site works best if ideas are separated out individually so users can comment and vote on each one separately.

Please read this topic.

It's important to:

1. Not create topics that are laundry lists of ideas. Create a separate topic for each idea so users can vote and comment on individual ideas. If you do create a topic that's a laundry list of random ideas, community admins will mark it as "Not Planned" and ask you to separate out your ideas.
2. Do a search to see if your idea has already been submitted and add your vote/comments to existing topics before creating a new one. For example: #1 (issue with import not displaying when entering a card)
2. Give your idea a title that says what the actual idea is. "Comments on Lightroom 4" is not an Idea.