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Fri, Jul 14, 2017 8:01 PM

Cursor locks to wrong tool in develop module

ln develop module the cursor type will lock to wrong type - often the zoom tool - when using options such as the details pointer (to adjust sharpening), or the slider tool in HSL tab. It means these options are unworkable/unusable. I have relaunched lightroom, deleted and reinstalled it all, and tried using a backup catalog. The error repeats after about 3 to 5 edits. If I click into another application it may reset for a couple of edits, but then locks again. I was running the latest version of Lightroom from Creative Cloud as of 14/July/17/ I have reverted to installing lightroom CC2015 which does not appear to suffer the same bug - so far. I am running lightroom on an Apple iMac (2015 model) MacOS Sierra with 32 GB RAM. I have tried switching the mouse and keyboard as well.

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