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Thu, Oct 19, 2017 8:37 AM

Does Creative Cloud business plan get 1 tb in the cloud instead of 100 gb?

Does Creative Cloud Business plan get 1 tb in the cloud instead of 100 gb? At this moment I'm using lightroom a lot for all my company photos and the cloud solution would be interesting for me. However the 100 gb is not enough (300 gb at this moment). When I saw the 1 tb for the new Lightroom is only available for Photography plan I was unpleasantly surprised. Why isn't this available for the Business plan? It looks for me like the most complete and expensive plan you can get, so also with the most cloud space...

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4 y ago

I also don't get this decision. I was very excited about the new Lightroom, but then had to learn that my full CC plan only comes with 100GB. In a world where a raw image can easily take up dozens of MB, 100GB is simply not enough. 

Why does the photography plan get 1TB, when the "more advanced" plan gets only 100GB?