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Mon, Aug 15, 2016 8:56 PM


Filtering for Favorites & Comments in LR Mobile & LR web interface

It would be terrific to have an easy way on LR desktop and LR mobile/online to filter for photos that have been selected as favorites and/or commented upon in LR Mobile or on the web interface for photos sync'd to LR Mobile. 
Having just finished a 30-minute conversation with an Adobe tech, there is a very inelegant way to do this using Metadata (on LR desktop) to create a smart collection, but it was not entirely accurate in any of the three tests I did. 
Best case would be to have simple filtering buttons (on all the LR interfaces: desktop, web, mobile) - similar to Flagged, Unflagged and Rejected - for those photos that have been "favorited" or commented upon. 
This filtering would be EXTREMELY useful to the photographer, but I can also see it being helpful functionality for clients, as well. For example, if I limit a client to 20 selects from a take, and they make those selects using either comments or favorites (or both), there is no simple way for them to see, at any point, how many photos they've chosen, unless the scroll thru every photo in the collection and keep some kind of tally sheet.
Thank you for your consideration and I will hope to see this functionality in a future upgrade. 

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Lightroom Classic & Ecosystem: Better support for comments and likes, in ALL publish services

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Another issue is to keep the comments made in LR Web and Mobile on the photo and tagged as having a comment outside of the collection they are in.  The problem is that when someone comments on them, you have to go to the collection to see the comments.  You can sort for last comment, but not sort for all images with a comment.  Also, they should separate out the HEART from the COMMENT. It makes no sense to have a heart show up as a comment.  Just put a heart on the photo as a tag that looks like a heart.