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Sun, Jul 15, 2012 10:48 AM


Help with Lightroom captions please!

On lightroom 3, there is a field to enter a caption to describe the photo in question. This then displays at the top of the photo, but only shows the firt word or two, missing out the others. Also, on portrait shots, the part-caption is shown across the actual photo and not above it as in landscape photos.
How can I imput captions so that they show in their entirety and underneath each photo, rather than on top of them?
Also, when a CD or DVD is produced, how can this be done to show those captions as desired, to include a slideshow facility?



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9 y ago

The 'top of the photo' is the Info Overlay. It's not really designed for showing extensive captions. What are you trying to achieve by showing them there?

Have you tried using the Slideshow module - you can show the caption above or below the photo, and that will then be present when you show the slideshow or export it to PDF/JPG.

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9 y ago

Hello - and thank you for taking the trouble to respond!

I am, as you will appreciate, new to Lightroom and have been using Picasa up to this point which has served me very well.

With Picasa, I am able to type :

The date the photo was taken : The place : The scene (or other comments)

This string of information then appears at the foot of the photo, not overlaying.

When the photos are then burned onto CD or DVD, each then displays its individual caption when viewed.

The best I have so far managed with Lightroom is a very unsightly and large date entry overlaying the photo on the bottom left hand side, together with a rather small caption overlaying the photo on the bottom right hand side.

This process is very fiddly and takes an absolute age and so I have tried to avoid using Lightroom since June 2011, wishing I had never invested in it in the first place!!!

It is a shame that Lightroom assumes that users all have a degree in computer technology - I come from a background of manual cameras and bathrooms converting into darkrooms!!!

Maybe I am making errors from the beginning - At the 'Library' stage, I am using the 'Metadata' sections and completing as follows :-

'Title' - Date and place
'Caption' - Description of the scene

Thereafter, I cannot work out how they are able to come together automatically, to show underneath the photo (not overlayed) and centrally positioned.

Any clues?

Kind regards


NB - Thank you again - and sorry for being so stupid!