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Sun, Jul 14, 2019 9:07 PM

how do I add plug-ins on windows???

Trying to get the most out of my subscription. Is lightroom better on ios than it is on windows? how do I add plug-ins to my windows desktop??


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2 y ago

If you are speaking about Lightroom Classic, the way to do so is go to File, Plug-in Manager, then click Add. The answer to your question re. is LR(Lightroom) better on ios vs Windows, well, they were designed for two different markets. Lightroom Classic was designed as a RAW converter and asset management system. This works great for professional photographers but also great for hobbyists that want a full photography management workflow experience. Lightroom cloud, which works as a Desktop and mobile app, is mostly targeted towards people that want their photos accessible anywhere(in the cloud) and don't care too much for a full file management system with all of the other tools that are necessary for a professional photographer. I would say try both and see which you prefer.