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Sat, Dec 22, 2018 10:30 PM

keyword on import

Why did Adobe get rid of the ability to keyword images on Import? The more things I can do to an image set on import, the better and smoother my workflow is. Keywording is an important part of that process. Please bring it back! 

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Lightroom Classic: Apply During Import missing from Import window




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3 y ago

If you're referring to Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe did not remove this functionality. If your Apply During Import panel isn't there, then right-click to the left of any panel name on that side (e.g. File Handling), and choose Appy During Import to reveal it.

If you're referring to the cloud-based Lightroom CC, it has never had this capability.

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3 y ago

There is a known bug that doesn't show the Apply during import panel when an SD/ CF card is inserted. Close the import window and try again. See here