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Fri, Nov 4, 2011 1:23 PM


Lightroom: 3 things that would put it OVER THE TOP!

I love both Lightroom and photoshop and use them extensively. Here are 3 things missing from Lightroom.
1. in 64 bit you cannot burn straight to a DVD/CD
2. You cannot add text in Lightroom (look at google's picasa to see how nice their add text tool is)
3. Please, please make lightroom a file reader. I hate having to synchronize folders everytime there is a change -- if you can do it in bridge you should be able to do it in Lightroom and again -- google's free picasa can do it!

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10 y ago

1 - There's a workaround for that.
2 - You can in some places, others not (notably print).
3 - Never going to happen, IMHO. Bridge is a browser, LR is a database.

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10 y ago

1. And the workaround is to simply start a standard Hard Drive export, click Choose in the Export Location box, then in the browser that opens simply browse to and select your DVD burner.

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10 y ago

I think Adobe prefers if you divide up 'Ideas' and post individually, so the voting and bookkeeping works...

That said, I am curious where these new files are coming from that keep you resynchronizing folders. - Lightroom *could* do it, but the question right now (in my mind anyway) is why? i.e. the exclusion of files not destined for the catalog can be considered a feature (and I assume Lightroom was done this way on purpose), so could the ability to see any files on the disk - but you may need to make a case for it if you want serious consideration.

Summary: Consider 3 separate 'Ideas', and for #3 consider citing your workflow to clarify how this need arises.