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Tue, Jul 24, 2012 1:57 AM


Lightroom 4: Metadata Status Updating/Refreshing

How does Lightroom 4 refresh metadata status to know whether Metadata is different on disk compared with the catalogue? And is there a way to quickly refresh the metadata status?

The issue for us is LR seems to only update the status when we click on the thumbnail of the image that we know we changed on another computer.

Sometimes LR appears to be scanning through photos to update, displaying 3 dots top right hand corner of thumbnail, but then it stops, and even if it keeps going, at the rate it does this, in our catalogue of 40,000 images we'll be here til Christmas waiting for it to finish.

Any thoughts/knowledge appreciated.



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9 y ago

Try Synchronize Folder with the "Scan for metadata changes" option.