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Sat, Mar 10, 2012 11:39 AM


Lightroom 4: problem with selecting large number of photos (4000+)...

I use the french version of LR 4 bought 2 days ago (Windows 7 64bits).

On the left column, "All photos" catalogue line diisplays my correct number of photos and videos (47,299), but when I click on it, it doesn't find any and tells me to "Click on Import... to start" !! As if I had no photos!

Similarely, in the Folder window underneath, if I click on any folders with more 4000, after a while displaying "loading in progress" it tells me "No photo in the selection". It works fine with folder than contain less than 4000 photos. Th position of the folder in the hierarchy is not important, just the number of photos indicated.If I flter teh result and the number of photos falls under 400, its displays them ... ??!!!

Changing the parameter "display sub-folder photos" does not change the erronaous behaviour.
On the other end, fortunatly, Collections any size work fine.

And the filtering process seems much slower than it used to be in LR3.
I hope it is temporary as it builds it reference files (dinamiclinkmediaserver.exe takes 25% of the CPU whenever I start LR4)?
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