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Mon, Jun 4, 2012 10:01 PM


Lightroom 4.1: Brushed Highlights not working correctly

I have an image which was fine in previous Lr4 releases, but is not fine in Lr4.1 final.

Here's a painted moon showing mask overlay:

And here it is with mask overlay turned off:

As shown above, the local adjustment values are:
* Highlights -20
* Saturation 10
to try and even out some over-bright, undersaturated tidbits...

Notice the over-darkness and color-loss where it was painted.

In previous versions it looked fine.

Note: I can still see the darkness although much less so, even turning Highlights all the way down to -1. Even a small value of -3 looks noticeably bad.

PS - Global setting for Highlights is -70.

Not right.




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9 y ago

Rob, I think it is related to this fix in 4.1 mentioned in release notes:
Clarity adds grey tinting to 100% white tones.