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Sat, Apr 14, 2012 2:47 AM


Lightroom 4.1: Clarity adjustment causes significant lag

I have been playing around with 4.1 RC1 since it was released and have stumbled upon a weird bug. I can only recreate it in one specific image and no other. Adding any type of positive clarity adjustment, be it 1 or 100, causes unbearable lag throughout the interface after zooming into the image. It's a 17mb raw image so I can't upload it here. When clarity is zeroed or adjusted into the negative, the image and application function normally. This only happens with this one particular file and no other. Other adjustments do not affect performance.



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10 y ago

It is expected that Clarity in PV2012 (along with Highlights and Shadows) is more-processor-intensive than other basic sliders. But if you say that one particular file is slower than others, it might be of interest to developers.

You can use a free web-based file sharing service like YouSendit to upload.