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Sat, May 12, 2012 12:17 AM


Lightroom 4.X SDK: Hopelist...

Hopefully, Adobe will be releasing the Lr 4 SDK soon.

Although my expectations are low (call it a hunch), these are some minimum hopes:

* The bug that keeps users of plugins with custom metadata from being able to upgrade (due to Lr catalog-update error *before* plugin update-schema function even runs...) - when a field or three has been added since last (Lr3) upgrade, gets fixed.

* Data-type support for numbers, and date-time (in custom metadata), are added. Boolean too would round out the offering, although boolean is not critical.

* Missing develop settings are added (I mean for applying, not just reading), off the top of my head:
* Tone Curve Enable / Disable
* Crop Settings
* Orientation

* Features to support moving / renaming of folders / files is added.

* Feature to support setting of capture-time (date/time original).

* FTP presets: make preset selection in one place not effect other places, and please store password in encrypted store, instead of plain text.

Thanks for consideration,
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