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Thu, May 21, 2015 3:00 PM


LightRoom 5 : not logical behavior when managing collections and keywords not user-friendly

hi Everyone
let me report 2 issues in Lightroom (I use LR5)

1) each time I update a collection (create, rename, move, ...) the screen display is moved up to the top of collections area. So that if the update is about one at the bottom I have to scroll down and down and down. very upsetting on a daily work.

2) the keywords area is not user friendly and easy to manage. So that when I want to manage them I do not have clear visibility on what I am doing and I loose a lot of time
exemples :
- create groups and move existings to the newly created group
- check if I created keywords with different name but same idea and update if necessary
- check the "sanity" of my list

thanks to think about it
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