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Sat, Apr 2, 2011 1:43 AM


Lightroom: Ability to customize panel open/close UI (user interface)

There should be a way to eliminate the "panel area opening/closing"-triangles from the screen. They are useful for mouse users to open/close panel areas but for keyboard users (who use F5-F8 to open/close panel areas) they can get in the way.

Without the triangles, keyboard users could:

1. Maximise screen estate. I open and close panel areas with the shortcuts F5-F8 all the time and don't need to waste screen estate for GUI controls.

2. Avoid closing panel areas by mistake. Sometimes I don't hit the panel area scroll bar with a click but the triangle next to it. This then closes the panel area even though I just wanted to scroll the content. If one could make the triangle controls go away completely, one could hit the scroll bar much more easily (just slam the mouse pointer to the edge) or at least avoid closing the panel area inadvertently.

There should be a new "Keyboard controlled" mode that causes the triangles to disappear at all times. Issue 2 above is much more important than issue 1. I could relate to the idea to leave a residual frame for displaying images but avoiding accidental activation of the open/close triangles would be really great.

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11 y ago

Thanks partly to you TK, I'll be trying to ween myself from the mouse more - F5-F8. Yes, once in the habit, there truly is no reason for them little strips, except to trip you up...