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Mon, Sep 9, 2013 6:58 PM


Lightroom: Add keyboard shortcuts for cycling through history steps

I think one of the strongest points of Lightroom is the history panel, which allows one not only revert to a certain history step, but also show the progression of an image.

Currently, the only way to show how a certain finished image came about is to click some of the initial history steps and click your way up the list. This is easy enough but requires some coordination between switching your eyes from the image in the middle to the history panel to ensure you're clicking on the immediate step (rather than 2 or 3 steps further than you'd want).

Instead, I find it would be much easier to simply have a keyboard shortcut that would allow navigating up and down the history steps while always having your eyes on the image itself.

Also, when showing the progression of an image, either to a person sitting next to you or via a video/screen capture/etc, one would have control over how fast to advance through the progression (depending on how quickly you press the keyboard shortcut)... whereas clicking away with a mouse faster require a great deal of precision and in no way allows to keep up with looking at the image itself at the same time.

Below, I am attaching a before and after image which is a good candidate for showing just how I was able to get to the image on the right, with all processing happening in Lightroom exclusively.

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