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Mon, Jun 13, 2011 2:13 PM


Lightroom: Add Keywords to Options in Library view options list

In the Lightroom loupe view when reviewing photos I use the i key to cycle the two info screens. I would like the option to see the keywords added to that info so I don't have to select the Keyword List in the right panel which I might have selected to another function.

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10 y ago

One thing that may help in the mean time:

- Learn keyboard shortcuts for Library panel section display:

Ctrl-1: Quick Develop
Ctrl-2: Keywords
Ctrl-3: Keyword List
Ctrl-4: Metadata
Ctrl-5: Comments

So, instead of using the 'I' key, you just use the Ctrl (probably Cmd key on Mac) keystrokes instead.

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9 y ago

Lightroom: having the possibility of displaying the keywords among the info display options. It is already possible to display the title, the legend of a picture, etc. Why not the keywords ? I think it will be very useful to have this possibility.

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