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Thu, Nov 26, 2015 1:58 AM


LIGHTROOM - Add "Publish Collection Set" and "Collection Set" to Smart Collection rules

I have many publish services in LR for various photo sharing sites I use. Most all of these allow some sort of hierarchical folder structure for organizing images on those websites. In LR this folder structure shows up in the Publish panel as "Collection Sets" where each leg culminates with a "Publish Collection". So far, So good. So, in one Publish Service I may have a structure such as "North America -> USA -> California -> Bay Area" (where Bay area is the bottom of this leg). I may also have a "Los Angeles" Publish collection and a "Lake Tahoe" Publish collection also under "California". In addition, I may have another Publish service, representing another web site, with the same structure of folders or albums.

What I want to do is create a Smart Collection that includes a rule that will select images that are not in any of the California Publish Collections within a specific Publish service - regardless of whether or not the image is in a different leg of the hierarchy (say "Oregon") or in the "California" section of a different Publish Service.

To do this, I would like to be able to select a "source" type of something like "Publish Collection Path" where I could then select "not in" and supply an argument such as "Dan's Zenfolio->North America->USA->California".

I have the same problem with Collection sets, where I want a Smart Collection rule to pertain to a particular Collection Set or Collection in a particular hierarchy of Collection Sets. For example I may have a collection called "red" in both a "motorcycle" and "Car" collection sets. And both "Motorcycle" and "Car" are under "Vehicles". I need to be able to distinguish, in a Smart Collection Rule, the difference between the "Red" collection under "Motorcycle" and the one under "Car".

I hope I made this understandable.

Thanks -- Dan
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