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Sat, Apr 28, 2012 2:58 AM


Lightroom: Archive module or sub-module feature request

I would like to see an "Archive" module or sub-module.

I envision this as a way to de-clutter my 10-year-old digital image catalogue of all the unrated photos or photos that I no longer need at my finger tips (previous client photos or photos from years past) that I don't want to delete or remove from LR.

For example, I have a few hundred from each year that I want to keep handy, but the rest can be semi-retired for now – off my local drive and into longer-term storage.

It would be great if the "archived" photos still appeared as previews in the correct folder alongside their locally stored siblings, but marked with, perhaps, a stylized "A" to indicate that they are not on a local disk, but archived on a DVD, external HD perhaps, or other long-term storage media. When I want to "call it up" I click on the thumbnail and a dialogue box appears telling where that image is stored (DVD name or number or HD name/file path) - in a way similar to how "lost" originals are handled. If I want to de-archive a file, I can select "de-archive" from, perhaps, a contextual menu and the original is moved/copied locally.

This would be especially helpful for those of us making extensive use of laptops. Our catalogue, current photos and any other frequently used photos could be kept locally, with all others archived externally (in a parallel file structure) with LR keeping track of those locations.

The same module or sub-module window could also be used for burning images to DVD or archiving to external HD.

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10 y ago

I feel this needs broadening to meet other common reasons behind requests to hide pictures (eg pics you don't want the kids to see).

I doubt a module would get anywhere - they'd agonise forever over the UI and run up against whether LR should backup images. Instead I'd envisage a variation on the Smart Collection or on the Library Filter Preset. You would enter criteria such as "rating = 0 and edited > 300 days ago" or "keywords contains nudes", "keywords contains archived", "folder contains archive". Any pictures that meet the criteria would be hidden from view until you switch into a "show hidden files" mode. So effectively you're duplicating the lock mode and making it persistent.

You'd have to deal with oddities like counts on folders, smart collections and keywords - display the total number or just the visible items? What if the image is used in a Saved Book? That's just two that spring to mind, and there would be a slew of "Lightroom ate my granny" cries from dumbos who accidentally hide all their photos. Certainly not impossible to resolve, these details add to the cost of developing it. And even recast as merely a refinement of the filtering mechanism, outside Develop it's hard enough to get anything fixed.