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Mon, Apr 30, 2012 12:56 AM


Lightroom: Can I dim just one (of two) monitors with the L command?

I have two monitors and use the L command (on a PC) to send the entire non-image area darker to aid viewing the image in Lightroom.

However I have two monitors and often have the second one set to display some non-Lightroom application, but the L command dims both monitors together.

Is it possible to only dim my main monitor that is showing the Lightroom software and not the second monitor too?




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10 y ago

No, that's not possible, sorry Edward. This is not quite what you're asking for but this may help a little - try right clicking on the grey area surrounding the photo on and change the preview background colour to a darker colour. That wouldn't hide the panels, so you'd need to shift-tab to do that.

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10 y ago

Consider changing this to a feature request idea.