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Sun, Nov 1, 2015 12:23 AM

Lightroom CC 2015: Recognized faces prevent publishing service (Smugmug) from marking a photo as 'Up to date'.

When I publish photos to SmugMug with the plugin, any photos with a recognized face are not marked as 'Published'. They instead remain eternally 'Modified need to re-publish'

This is very annoying, since I have faces in a couple thousand photos. Any time I sync my Smugmug gallery, I tries to re-upload all these photos again, even though they're up to date.


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5 y ago

This should be fixed as of the Lightroom CC2015.6/6.6 update released today. There is more information here:

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6 y ago

Hi Kenneth, Can you confirm you have the latest version of the SmugMug plug-in? (They maintain their own export plug-in)