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Mon, Dec 28, 2020 12:52 AM


Lightroom Classic (10.1): issues with sync photos in collections, returning photos to original and high RAM usage

hi, I'm not sure I found the right community for feedback from users, but i would like to notice some issues which I have with Lightroom Classic 10.1.

- when I was using older version of Lightroom Classic (f.e. 8.3), I didn't notice that Lightroom is using too much RAM, but since I have updated it to the latest version 10.1, my Lightroom Classic consume most of the time at least 5 GB to 11 GB what is horrible, because whole program is significantly slower and sometimes I'm not able to have open any more programs and apps.

- example: one day when I was retouching with brush tool one RAW photo, Lightroom Classic showed error of full memory, so I had to hard close it and then I restarted my notebook. when the notebook launched and I opened Lightroom Classic, I went back to continue retouching photo where I ended and to my surprise RAM used by Lightroom Classic increase from approx 8 GB to 11 GB. after few seconds it dropped to the 10 GB and it stayed that way for up to maybe 10-15 minutes (I didn't touch notebook for that time). I must say that I hadn't have open any other program so Lightroom consumed almost three-quarters of RAM itself (my notebook has 16 GB RAM what should be enough).

- i have problem with syncing photos in synced collections with Lightroom (cloud) in Lightroom Classic

- during editing any photo which is in one of synced collections an sync error randomly occurs and when I click on the icon (double-sided horizontal arrow and three dots below it) in upper right corner of photo preview frame it will open window with message "The metadata for this photo has been changed in Lightroom. Save the changes to disk?”

- when I click on "Save" Lightroom Classic will start saving some metadatas, then will create for the photo xmp file (in metadata is added line "Sidecar file: xmp") in which the metadatas was saved and after this from the relevant collection is photo deleted. this happens even when I try again put that photo to the any synced collection - when synchronization is complete, it will show that sync was successful and after few seconds is photo again deleted from the collection. so it is not possible to put again these photos again to the collection and sync them to the Lightroom cloud. I also tried to create copy of photo in my source folder, renamed it to a different name and then after upload to the Lightroom Classic copy all edit settings from the previous edited photo, but it didn't help.

- it looks like I edited metadata in Lightroom app (f.e. in my mobile), what could be possible in the first case, but I'm sure at least in the another photo that I was just editing photo in my Lightroom Classic and Lightroom app I didn't even open in my mobile, so this can't be the problem, it must be a bug I think.

- today when I was retouching photo with brush tool (I didn't try any other type of edit so I can't say for sure it does just in this case) Lightroom suddenly deleted all my edits of that one photo and returned it to the original. however, on the left side in the history it didn't show any such action / edit, just last steps with brush tool.

- what's interesting is that when I went in history 1-5 steps back (in each situation it was different number) it suddenly returned back all my edits, of course, except of the skipped steps, but I can't take this as a solution, because it is impossible work like that, when I must every moment return 4 steps back and again repeat these steps, so that way I go more back as forward.

thanks for every response or help and early fixing it!

best regards,


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For point 1 this is a known issue. Is you have available RAM LRC just use it and don't free it immediately

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It is difficult to discuss multiple items in a post without confusing them so lets start with number 1.

Reference Item 1:  Excessive Ram usage is often symptomatic of a bad install. I would recommend a clean reinstall. 

Clean Lightroom Install Procedure

Close Lightroom

Restart the computer

Use the Adobe Creative Cloud App to uninstall Lightroom

Restart the computer

Install Lightroom via the Creative Cloud App without launching any other programs.

Restart the computer

Launch Lightroom

Wait 5 minutes


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It is a memory leek.