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Tue, Apr 20, 2021 5:24 PM


Lightroom Classic 10.2: Noise / Grain Appearing in Previews in Loupe

Since updating to 10.2, I'm seeing the addition of what looks like grain or noise to my images when Zoom is set to anything EXCEPT "Fit" "Fill" or "100%." 

The problem goes away immediately if I hit "F" for full screen mode (even if I leave the zoom set at, for instance, 25%) or if I enter the Develop module. (This may be related to the way LR is now handling Standard previews and perhaps to the fix that was just implemented to the former color shift bug?)

A lot of my workflow relies on TIFFs of black and white film scans. These are the images where the problem is most apparent.

I'm running LR on macOS 11.2.3.

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