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Mon, Jun 17, 2019 1:17 AM

Lightroom Classic 8.3.1 loses Develop settings for TIF after editing in Photoshop

Sometimes I make adjustments in the Lightroom Develop module on top of TIF files that I have created in Photoshop.  I may go back and do further editing in Photoshop.

As of 8.3.1 (perhaps earlier), when I edit in Photoshop ("Edit Original" in the edit pop up in Lightroom), after I save the file, all develop changes in Lightroom are lost.

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Lightroom Classic: Develop settings applied to TIFF disappear after editing original


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2 y ago

Isn’t there an “Edit a copy with Lightroom Changes” choice ?

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2 y ago

Developing in Lightroom can never change the original file, so you must use Edit a Copy with Lightroom settings.

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2 y ago

That's the definition of "edit original".  It tells LR to send the ORIGINAL file to Photoshop, excluding any edits done in LR since the image was imported into LR. 

I should point out that if there is an image in LR (with or without edits) and you send it to PS where you make changes and then that changed version comes back to LR it will come back as a new image (typically TIFF or PSD).  At this point you have two copies of the image.  The one you sent to PS will have any changes made in LR but none made in PS.  The one that came back from PS will be the way PS showed it when you sent it back to LR and within LR that state of that 2nd image copy is now considered as the "original'.

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2 y ago

Hi Selby! To add to what Dan wrote above, if you use Edit Original to open a LR image in PS, when you save the image in PS and return to LR, just look at the History Panel on the left side of the Develop Module. This Panel shows a record of any actions performed on the image file by LR, with the most recent action appearing at the top of the list. Typically, Edit Original will be recorded somewhere near the bottom of the History list (near where the line recording when the photo file was first imported into LR). All you need to do is click on the action at the top of the list and your LR edits will be shown once again on the image preview of your PS-edited image. You don't need to use Edit a Copy.

So, in short, your LR Develop changes aren't lost: you just need to tell LR to re-apply them after the image returns from PS. Hope this helps...