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Wed, Feb 5, 2020 2:44 PM

Lightroom Classic: Ability to Promote Virtual Copies to Master copy

It is not possible to promote more than one virtual copy to master copy when more than one unique virtual copy is selected from grid.
If I have many images that have one or more virtual copies and would like to promote one virtual copy from each image selected to be the new master copy, only the "most select" gets promoted.    I am required to select each virtual copy one at a time to promote it to be the new master copy.   This gets tedious when there might be hundreds of virtual copies needing promotion.   This "one at a time" behavior is at variance to other functions like Ratings or Labels or Rotate image. I can understand a dilemma if two virtual copies of the same image were selected, but this is not my case.  And if it were, then a last in gets that promotion would solve collisions.


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2 y ago

Current behavior is as-designed. Converting to a feature request.