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Thu, May 27, 2021 11:45 AM


Lightroom Classic: Add option to import RAW only (some shoot JPEGs just for remote control)

I have a Sony Alpha 1 and when I shoot remotely, it is much faster to shoot RAW+jpeg because the RAW file takes too long to download to the device. But I never keep my jpegs. I can sort by filetype, but it is difficult to see where RAW stops and JPEGs start when you have 1000+ photos to import. 

A simple filter like the "atributes" filter in Grid view would work great. Or adding a color to file types or any other idea that fits your design. Please, just make it easier as it wastes time! :)



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Thanks for the idea. The forum does not automatically apply a "vote" to your post so don't forget to click the green arrow in the upper left.