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Wed, Jul 10, 2019 6:51 AM

Lightroom Classic: Add resource usage control slider

What I mean is.


If you have completed processing through images in LR CC Classic, and now you want to export those and carry on processing another batch. You can not do this.
Adobe has now made LR CC Classic  use full resource of your multi threaded CPU but without allowing the user to customize  this resource to your discretion. 
So have a slider from say 40-60-80-100% USAGE. 
Same with the Ram/Memrory
I don't necessary want LR CC Classic using all my ram on one application. Like Photoshop you can set the amount you want it to use.
Why is this feature not in LR CC Classic. 
I know that Lightroom CC Classic is a batch processing images factory application. But please allow the users that are using it and paying lots of money for it to have more customization in the way it uses their computers resources.


It does not help when now that images are exporting they can no longer really use their pc/mac for anything else because it has been absolutely bottlenecked by LR CC Classic.


Lastly GPU Optimization has absolutely no affect or performance boost on exporting, or rendering out metadata thumbnail previews.
The application lacks the necessary attention to make it a really good application.

Dev's sort these out please.
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