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Fri, Oct 11, 2019 6:13 PM

Lightroom Classic: Catalog backup

I had an interesting conversation with a student last night. He believed that all edits are saved to the catalog even if you don't backup when you exit Lightroom. I had always believed that everything I did in Lightroom since the previous edit was not saved to catalog unless I saved to catalog when exiting the program. Can anyone clarify this for me?


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2 y ago

Your student is correct. Changes made to your Lightroom catalog happen in real time. I only backup weekly and have never lost a change. 

It is possible in the event of a power failure that the very last slider movement on the current image is lost but that is rare.

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Equally rare is if you happen to be in the middle of a multi table update when the power goes out, the catalog can become corrupted requiring you to revert to one of those "backups" you took in the past - hopefully no longer ago than yesterday.



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2 y ago

You do not ‘save the catalog’ on exit. You save a backup copy.

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2 y ago

Anything that Rikk's answer .... Save your catalog when you quit LR, at least once a day, this backup should be directed to another disk where these backups will pile up, once or twice a week, go to this folder backup, and if you have not had any problems, I advise you to delete all these copies, except the last two. Indeed, if your catalog is corrupted, it is from these copies that you can retrieve the last good version, ditto if you made a mistake, like delete collections by mistake ... The easiest way will be to resume the old catalog .... I personally save every time I work more than 3 hours on my catalog and when I leave my post a few hours in the day.

Another advice, the backup folder, put it on the same as your originals, like that, if your backup process is consistent, in case of disk crash, you will quickly find your work, except a few hours eventually.

Do not forget that the only thing that is worthless in computers is your data, if you lose them, it will be definitively, the hardware, it is replaced, the software can be downloaded again ....

So digest what I say here, and if it does not suit you .... You may well only have your eyes to cry ..... We never make enough backups, and they must be kept away from your computer ... if there is fire, if a jerk comes to break your machine etc ....