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Wed, Oct 7, 2020 11:18 AM


Lightroom classic : Collection sync with Lightroom mobile - ability to sync deleted pictures



I created a collection in Lightroom Classic to be able to work on the road on my pictures.

Is there a way, once i delete a picture in the cloud in Lightroom Mobile, also this would delete the picture after a sync in Lightroom Classic?

So i mean: Deleting a picture in a Lightroom Collection or Lightroom mobile, does not delete the picture in the "real" folder/hard drive of Lightroom Classic.

Is the only way to delete a picture via the cloud to mark the picture as "rejected" and delete afterwards on my laptop the "rejected" pictures?


Thank you.


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1 y ago

Hello, my answer is YES, and in my view it is very preferable because in the case of synchronization of LrC towards LR, it is from a distance preferable to pass always by a stage of rejection of picture, this leaves us a time of cogitation. Personally I never abolish any photograph without passing by this stage of Rejection, it is a rule that I was since applied a very long time ago and it avoided me some error owed to a click of surplus!

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1 y ago

Deleting a photo from a Collection, in any app, doesn't delete it from your hard drive or LR Classic database, it just removes it from the Collection. I mark them Rejected, then at my desk hit Command-Delete (on Mac), and, if you have Rejected photos, it will ask you if you are sure you want to merely remove them from the LR Classic database, or actually delete them from disk (which is always my choice, why would I want to keep a photo that I don't want in LR Classic?)