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Sun, May 30, 2021 2:37 AM


Lightroom Classic: Collections Issue


I would like to report what I suspect is a bug in the way the Lightroom catalog handles Collections. I am currently using Lightroom Classic 10.2 release on an iMac running MacOS 11.3.1.

Over the past 6 months I have been preparing two books using the Book Module within Lightroom. The photographs for each book are in separate top level folders within the Lightroom catalog and each book has its own independent collection. Recently having completed the first book I ‘tidied up’ its catalog by emptying several subfolders created earlier during the process of re-scanning and modifying some of the images from old slides, moving images out of the extraneous folders into the top level folder for that set of images, then deleting the empty folders. All this was carried out from within Lightroom.

I had expected that the Lightroom collection would recognise changes to the catalog and reconfigure its information accordingly however this appears not to be the case. After I had completed the tidying up and returned to the book I discovered that several of the photographs had disappeared, replaced by blank spaces. All the images missing from the book were still within the collection and visible in the lower filmstrip.

Clearly the links to a number of the photographs (presumably those that had been shifted out of subfolders into the top level folder) had been lost.

I subsequently re-inserted the missing images and made a few minor changes to the text before uploading the first book for printing by Blurb. I purchased both a hard copy and a .pdf. The hard copy has yet to arrive but in looking through the .pdf I now find that toward the end of the book some of the text and a few of the photographs have again disappeared. On then returning to the Lightroom Book Module I discovered that the book had become completely corrupted, reconfigured to a couple more pages in length than the number of the second book and containing only some of the text and a couple of the photographs from that second book and nothing from the first. The second book remains completely intact. Despite this, the original photographs for the first book were all present in the collection for that book and visible in the film strip.

I am not sure whether the initial loss of links to photographs and the subsequent corruption during uploading are related but certainly things went downhill from when the catalog changes were made.

I am not new to the creation of books having produced some 40 or so through Blurb over the past decade or so, the last 10 via the Lightroom Book Module and I have never experienced issues like this in the past.

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This feels like it may be a catalog corruption.  Do you have a catalog backup that has the book intact?