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Wed, Aug 26, 2020 10:33 PM

Lightroom Classic > Edit as Layers in Photoshop: Fails to load images as layers...

Using current version of Lightroom Classic (v9.4) on MacOS Catalina, I can no longer select multiple photos and 'edit in photoshop as layers...'.   Photoshop 2020 (21.2.2) will open, and typically I will get the first image loaded as a layer (with correct title/label), a second layer will be empty and simply be titled 'load layer', and then instead of an additional layer, I may get one more photo open in a different Tab, as a background layer.  Any additional photos that were selected in Lightroom seem to be completely ignored.  Usually, I will select 2-4 photos that I am editing together as layers (i.e. focus stacking for example), but now, its a workflow disaster.   

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Lightroom Classic: "Open as layers in Photoshop" function broken after update


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1 y ago

I see the same issue under the same OS and conditions. One comes in as it should be the other opens through ACR but as a bkgnd layer. And only the first two. 
I'll look to see if it's been bug logged but yeah, you're not alone. 

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1 y ago

Windows 10, Lightroom 9.4: the good and the bad. 
The good: the focus stack worked fine.
The bad: the "where is my image" bug returned that was fixed with 9.3.