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Mon, Nov 9, 2020 11:16 PM


Lightroom Classic: Error while exporting

Exporting a .tif file 

Export Location

  Export To: Same folder as original photo

  Not checked: Put in subfolder

  Is checked: Add to this catalog

  Is checked: Add to Stack: Below Original

File Naming

  Is unchecked


  Is unchecked

File Settings

  Image Format is TIFF

  Compression is: None

  Color Space is sRGB

  Bit Depth is 16 bits/component

Image Sizing is unchecked. Resolution is set to 72 pixels per inch

Output Sharpening is: Sharpen for Screen. Amount is Standard


  Include All Metadata, nothing else checked

I use Lightroom with Final Cut Pro (FCPX). Most of my photos are .jpg and using the settings above with a .jpg creates a .tif version optimized for FCPX. Occasionally, the file begins as a .tif. In this case the output filename is the same as the existing filename. The program does nothing. That is, there is no prompt or error message, it simply appears that it ignored the command, although the Export screen closes. Expectation was an error message would appear indicating an input error.

Environment: Mac: 10:15.7 Lightroom 10.0 Camera Raw 13.0

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1 y ago

I think you missed one...what do you have in the "Existing Files" dropdown?
I believe LrC will behave as you described if you have that set to "Skip".

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Nuts! Of course. Thanks for pointing this out. I wonder if it overwrote the original, or just did nothing. I'll be checking!