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Tue, Feb 4, 2020 1:07 PM

Lightroom Classic: Facial recognition should learn as it goes

Does anyone know how LR learns faces and how to tune it?  Specifically I am curious if when you have a misstagged face, if instead of just replacing the name with the correct one, you use the marker on the right side first that says "No this is not NAME" will make it relearn more accurately . 
In other words if Lightroom tags an animal face as a human name (which happens quite a bit) and instead of just typing in the name or telling it to remove face region, I hit the option on the right first to that explicitly say "no this is not __'  will the algo behind the recognition learn to adjust and be less likely to mistake animal faces for human faces?

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2 y ago

Unfortunately not. LrClassic does not currently store the negative examples persistently in the catalog. Good idea though.

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2 y ago

Agreed it's a good idea – which is why I'd vote for it to be converted in status from Question to Idea.

With Adobe already dabbling in machine learning through Sensei, this idea should be on the future development list (if not already)...