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Tue, Jan 19, 2021 4:47 PM


Lightroom Classic: File size limit for syncing from Classic?

Is there still a limit to the size of photos that can be synced from LR Classic? It used to be 200MB, but that doesn't seem to apply anymore.

With the new Classic version 10.1.1,my sync problems have been fixed. Today, I was looking at some of my photos in the "All Synced Photos" collection and found hundreds that exceeded 200MB in file size. Some were close to 400MB. I verified that they are, indeed, synced to the cloud: they appear in LR Desktop.

Adobe's "Lightroom Classic sync FAQ" web page says lists "Files greater than 200 MB" under the column "What does not sync". Maybe this is something new and the web page hasn't been updated. Is there still a limit of any kind?

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10 m ago

Yes this is correct.

If you have an original in the cloud (not a Smart Preview synced from Classic) - that original syncs down to Classic. If it is a Tiff or PSD file and you subsequently edit it and its size increases to beyond 200 MB the changes will not sync back to the cloud. 

If the original was never in the cloud, Lightroom Classic syncs up a Smart Preview - there is no limit to the size of the original on disk as LrC syncs a 2560px max dimension file in this case. 

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10 m ago

I don't know about file size limit. But you really don't have any control over that when synchronizing from LrC. When you choose files to sync from LrC what is synchronized is a smart preview, not the full-sized image. And that's smart preview will be what ever it turns out to be. You really don't have any control over that.