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Thu, Jan 2, 2020 4:25 PM

Lightroom Classic: Fujifilm profiles are an organisational mess now :(

I have a big problem with Fujifilm profiles within Lightroom Classic now. I have two X-T3s and one X-Pro3 that I use on shoots. I used to just have the X-T3s and life was easy: everything set to Astia on import. 

Well - actually it's not that simple - when the X-T3 came out a big change was required in the Adobe colour profiles for Fuji cameras to match properly. The same profiles that worked on X-T2 don't work on X-T3. 

Adobe got around this by releasing new versions of them all for the X-T3 and calling them v2. It had to do that because for too long we had to make do with the existing profiles which didn't work with the new X-T3 sensor/processing, and we all got around that by dialling in colour tint changes to make them work. But if Adobe just updated those profiles then they'd work going forward, but for the several months we were working around it, THOSE images would now look wrong. So to handle all eventualities we now have a muddled range of profiles for X-T3 - v1 original, and v2 updated.
The X-Pro3 uses the same sensor, so presumably uses the same profiles, right? I don't know. I'd have thought so, but, apparently not, because when I edit an X-Pro3 raw in Lightroom the v2 profiles I'm used to no longer work. The X-Pro3 instead has a bunch of profiles that all have no 'version'. 

So, Astia v2 applied to everything on import no longer works, because half my files require 'Astia' (for X-Pro3), not 'v1' or 'v2' (for X-T3). 

So now I need to double up ALL my presets with a version for the X-T3 and a version for the X-Pro3. Even though they have the same sensor.

Is this the way it has to be? 
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