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Wed, Apr 21, 2021 2:29 AM


Lightroom Classic: Images opened in Photoshop, directly from "edit in Photoshop" command are way too saturated!

When opening an image in Photoshop, from the "edit in Photoshop" command in LR Classic, the image is grossly oversaturated. However, if I first export the image as a PSD file, then open that file in PS, it matches the look in LR. Up to date on both LR and PS. Working on a Mac, with Mojave OS. Have not changed any of my preferences in either program. Problem just appeared today, after a lifetime of always matching. Any suggestions?

George Simian

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Lightroom Classic: Editing raw file in PS from LR loses profile

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7 m ago

Did you apply a custom camera profile to this image? There is a bug in Lightroom/Photoshop that such a profile is not applied when using Edit in Photoshop. Search for it here in the forum; there should be a very long thread including some work around suggestions. I don’t think that bug is fixed yet.

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With my limited experience opening images from Lightroom, I get the best results by opening as layers. I just use it for focus stacking and experimenting with Super Resolution but I don't experience your problem. I'm using Windows, not sure that matters and I only send raw images to Photoshop.

For MacOS, make sure you are on 11.2 or newer or pre-11.0.

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