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Thu, Nov 12, 2020 6:01 PM



Lightroom Classic: Label Text and Label Colors

As sorting in LR is quite limited, I need to enter text in the label-field to get the sorting that I want. Problem is that some of the images also have color labels (blue, green, etc.) Their label-fields are then filled with "blue", "green", etc, and overwriting them will remove the label color. Changing the default description doesn't help, as I have, for example, multiple images with a green color label, but I need different label text for each of them.

Is there away around this? Why can I sort either by label-text or label-color, but I cannot enter metadata separately?

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1 y ago

As you've discovered, the Label Text field is tied to the Label Color -- change one and the other changes. 

So if you want to sort your photos by a field in which you've entered text, while still retaining the use of color labels, you'll have to use another field. You could use a field you don't otherwise use, e.g. IPTC Instructions.

Unfortunately, LR doesn't let you sort by most fields, including that one.  But you could use the Any Filter plugin's Sort command to sort by any field visible in the Metadata panel. Unfortunately, because of LR limitations on plugins, Any Filter has to create a new collection containing the sorted photos.