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Mon, Jun 21, 2021 1:52 AM


Lightroom Classic: needs modern video export settings

In 10.3 on macOS Big Sur, "Max" export quality is 1080p, h.264, 22 mbps.

What is this, 2012?  😜

Resolution, encoding, container type, and bitrate should be independently user-selectable with the optional presets actually matching modern video file usage.

It's kind of insane that one can add 4K h.265 videos to their catalog, perform basic quick develop adjustments on them, but not be able to export in 4K or h.265.

I'm not asking for an NLE.  But if you're going to have basic video support, please complete it so it includes modern video resolutions and encodings.

Thank you!

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7 m ago

Counterpoint: remove all video functions from Lightroom. Use Premiere.

Lightroom is becoming mediocre at everything, return it to its roots. How much longer before it's not good for anything? It is not "best of breed" any longer at anything. 


Also remove the book, sideshow and web creation functions.

Otherwise we users have no right to complain about all of the bugs.