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Wed, Oct 14, 2020 9:46 AM


Not a problem

Lightroom Classic no space on network drive

Just got the problem that Lightroom Classic tells me my NAS is full (actually there are 7TB free).


I found this post: https://feedback.photoshop.com/conversations/lightroom-desktop-cloudbased/lightroom-desktop-33-storage-full-error-when-location-for-originals-is-on-nas/5f5f46244b561a3d4275ce3a?page=2 but it's about normal Lightroom.


I already got all latest updates (Lightroom Classic, Camera RAW and Photoshop).


Please fix this issue.

Accepted Solution

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Sorry, mistake on my side.


The problem wasn't Lightroom or the NAS. After some troubleshooting I found out, that the WebDAV protocol is the problem.


This protocol doesn't transfer the storage size or the device.


But still thanks for your replies.

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Some additional details might help, like...
OS & version of LrC?
What type of NAS & how are you connecting to it?

LrC tells you your NAS is full when?  When you're importing?  Exporting?

What's the exact error message?

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First a short class to enable an understanding of why this is a problem, a problem that Adobe can't fix. 


API - Application Programming Interface 


The operating system macOS, Windows, Linux, etc. provide APIs to the services they provide, such as reading and writing from disks. These are standards to which device makers and software suppliers must conform if they expect those functions to work correctly.


Any SATA drive, hard disk of SSD,  can be connected to a SATA port because they conform to the standard. So any software that uses the OS's APIs for file access can work with any standard device in a transparent manner. 


However, there is no standard for NAS devices. Each NAS vendor supplies drivers that jump in ahead of the APIs of the OS, check to see if the file I/O is for a device connected in a standard manner (SATA, USB, etc.). If so, the command is passed on to the OS, hopefully correctly (but not always). If it is a command for the NAS device, then the NAS interface translates it into a (hopefully correct) command for their device. This applies to the dozens of device APIs, including a check for space. 


Because of the lack of a standard and that one must trust the software interface supplied by the NAS manufacturer, problems occur. Not all NAS suppliers do a good job of handling all the APIs. 


In your case, your particular NAS software is incorrectly handling the OS API that checks for space. 



  • your NAS software needs to be updated, check the vendor's support site
  • perhaps your NAS vendor supplies poor quality software (common!), contact them to see if they can fix this problem, might just be lack of support for the API that queries space 
  • buy a NAS known to work with Lightroom with your OS (you can keep your drives) AND check for your OS. A NAS that is fine with Windows might be troublesome with macOS and vice versa. 

Note: there are hundreds of device APIs. Only the largest NAS vendors can afford to correctly support all the APIs and of course, even their software has bugs. Going cheap with a NAS is just asking for trouble. 


The net is, it is highly unlikely that Lightroom has anything to do with this problem, nor can Adobe do anything about it.