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Sun, Aug 1, 2021 12:02 PM

Lightroom Classic: Problem migrating a catalog / Lightroom tries to copy everything


I’m trying to migrate a catalog from a Lightroom Desktop to Lightroom Classic (just change my laptop)

I used to work with my RAW files stored on several hard drives, not in a single location.

Apparently when I try to migrate the catalog, Lightroom wants to copy everything to upload them on the cloud, which I don’t want. First I can't assemble this catalog from 4 hard drives and I don't want to copy 500 Go on the cloud.

What to do ? 

Thanks !




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2 m ago

You talk about 'migrate', but then you say "from a Lightroom CC to Lightroom Classic". That is confusing. First of all, there is no "Lightroom CC". Adobe dropped the 'CC' from all names about two years ago, so there is Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. Lightroom stores all images in the cloud, Lightroom Classic stores them locally. You cannot 'migrate' from Lightroom to Lightroom Classic, but you can migrate a Lightroom Classic catalog to Lightroom. Obviously, that means that the images will be uploaded to the cloud, because that is what Lightroom is all about.

So what are you trying to achieve exactly?