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Sat, Nov 14, 2020 8:13 PM



Lightroom Classic: SDK Lua plugin to compare speed of LR of different configs help!

I want to create a plugin that would be usefull for comparing the performance of Lightroom Classic with different configurations doing operations on multiple pictures.

I already know how to code, Lua is new but not that complicated, and I play a little with the SDK and made a basic plugin to show my system info (Memory, LR version, etc).

I beleive that the best way to do this would be to inject in multiple pictures a series of operations on them, let's say:

  1. Exposure2012="+1.00" (normal exposure +1)
  2. crs:PaintBasedCorrections (a brush strike in the picture with different settings)
  3. <crs:RetouchAreas> (Spot removal)
  4. etc...

So my questions are : how can I inject those operations? :) Or how would you do it? Is there some limitations?

Current version Lightroom Classic 9.2

Latest SDK OCtober 2020 version.


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1 y ago

There are two ways to change develop settings of a photo using the SDK:

1. The module LrDevelopController lets a plugin change nearly every setting visible in Develop.  (It's used by the software for MIDI controllers, for example.)

2. The undocumented method photo:applyDevelopSettings (settings) can set a batch of develop settings all at once.

You might check out this Lightroom benchmark, which does some limited measurements of develop settings: 

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Thanks John, I actually looked at pugetBench, and they use an external command to use the mouse for input. That's how they can inject some brush stoke on a picture for example.

I'll have a look at the Midi plugin, thanks.