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Mon, Aug 23, 2021 5:52 PM

Lightroom Classic: Set Custom Zoom

I would like to recommend a Lightroom feature that from my experience I think would be very useful.

There is currently no way to set a custom zoom percent in Lightroom Classic. Photoshop can do this, but the image quality is diminished compared to Lightroom. It also takes a very long time to load a large file from Photoshop into Lightroom. This feature would be very helpful for photographers whose end goal is print, as we would be able to see exactly what our photo looks like at a certain size, rather than guessing. Cropping to an equivalent zoom size does not work because the image quality is diminished compared with a percent zoom from the original high res file.

Another related idea is to have Lightroom automatically set a zoom amount to show what the image looks like at 300 PPI, rather than us guessing with the default zoom amounts. 

I hope Lightroom adopts this feature! I think it would be very valuable and hopefully is an easy fix.

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2 m ago

"no way to set a custom zoom percent in Lightroom Classic."

I might mis-understand your needs, but I see the 'scrubby' Zoom slider on the Tool bar with adjustable % zoom that you can set to any %.

By setting the image to first "Fit" the screen, then setting a slider %- the [Space Bar] (& mouse click) now will toggle between these two zoom levels.

I am not knowledgeable enough to suggest how the Grid overlay might give you a reference to a ppi value.