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Mon, Apr 19, 2021 7:05 PM


Lightroom Classic: Syncing Radial Filters

Hi All,


I have noticed a bug in the newest version of LR. 

I am editing sequences of very similar images, so I am syncing the settings from one image to multiple other ones.  On landscape oriented photos, this seems to not be an issue, but for portrait oriented photos, there is an issue.

The issue is with the radial filters.  I have two radial filters in a portrait oriented image, which I am copying to other portrait oriented photos.  Both radial filters (as well as all other settings) are copied over as expected/normal.  However, the size of the the one radial filter is changed (it's much rounder than what I have specified) and the second radial filter is exactly the same as in the sample, but it is in a different location.  The settings for the radial fitlers are correct, but the physical placement on the image is wrong.  This is while syncing, but also when I hit 'previous' in the Develop module.


When I change the radial filter to match the one on the previous image(s), I always get the cropping logo on the thumbnail too, although the image was not cropped in any way.


I'm guessing this should be easy to replicate, please fix this.

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