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Fri, Jun 4, 2021 11:44 AM

Lightroom Classic: to generate the real previews for several images, how ?


I would like to know how to ask Lightroom to generate the real previews

for several images and not to limit itself to the "integrated previews"

(see my printscreen image, I'm not sure the term is correct,

it's a translation of the French "aperçu intégré"). 

I work with NEF and DNG mainly and often I need the precision

of the real previews especially when I look at an image at 100%.

Thanks for your help.



Accepted Solution

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3 m ago

Lightroom Classis, yes?

"Integrated Previews" would be "embedded previews".

To instruct Lightroom Classic to generate "real" previews, go to Library module Grid view. Select the images for which you want to generate previews. Then Library menu > Previews submenu and select the kind of previews desired.

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Yep, Lightroom Classic.

Thanks sam ! Exactly what I was searching for !!



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Otherwise, Lightroom creates them automatically when needed. Doing it beforehand only saves time later!