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Sat, Feb 1, 2014 10:47 AM


LIGHTROOM: Close automation circle by adding automatic export capabilities

Please close the automation cycle by adding capability of automatically export pictures. Currently we are able to,
- import pictures automatically or tether
- apply changes to the picture through development presets
- automatically organize them via smart collections respectively their attributes
- add them to publish services via smart collections

I kindly ask you to finally finish up this by adding the capability to automatically export pictures. You can do this for instance by ...

- Adding automatic publishing feature to 'Publish Services' probably consistently over all publish services like Harddisk, Facebook, etc.

- Adding an own feature like 'auto import' or 'tethered capture'

This would add so much value to the product since as a professional photographer from time to time we have jobs where automation ist mandatory. For example on Weddings we provide fotoboothes which would greatly benefit from this feature. We also do stuff like chain shooting on fairs where pace is money.

And since LR isn't scriptable by Apple Script Editor in a dimension Photoshop is and the SDK as far as I know also prevents you from implementing it, our Hands are pretty tied.

So I'm finally begging you guys to implement it within one of the next versions. I count on you!!

All the best,

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8 y ago

I realize your request is for a native feature - good idea.

In the mean time, Publish Service Assistant supports auto-publishing.

If you really want auto-exporting (not publishing) instead, do tell.