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Sun, Feb 19, 2012 6:18 PM


Lightroom: Consistent RAW+JPEG handling - focus on the ONE photo approach

Suggestion to re-design the functionality around the feature "Treat JPEG files next to raw as separate photos".

Since many cameras allow RAW+JPEG and a common goal for us photographer is to try and get the picture right already in the camera, so more often the JPEGs (with the personalized manual camera settings) are so good that I want to use them as "the originals" without having to go through all RAW files and adjust them afterwards. If I later want to improve/adjust a photo I then use the RAW file as a base for a much better result.

So I suggest that LR implements a (consistent) setting where all files for a photo are treated as ONE photo (unless you specifically tell LR not to). I can see that for at least the following features it would really improve the workflow ;

- manage metadata,
- some basic photo mgmt like cropping, re-sizing etc,
- physical file management

The great thing with LR compared to PS is that it's targeting photographers and focused on working with photos instead of individual graphic files. So please treated all files as ONE PHOTO as far as possible, i.e. metadata is save to both files and when moving, deleting, flagging, cropping etc. a photo, all files should be affected (unless you manually, specifically 'un-set' the link). That would really improve the workflow when you shot RAW+JPEG.

Best regards Magnus Wilson

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10 y ago

Agree. The current workflow is very slow if you shoot RAW+JPEG. I need to pick or reject every photo in a pair as separately. It will be faster if I can pick/reject/delete or implement some metadata to both files. Sure, sometimes it is great to have the opportunity to keep the RAW and reject the JPG but most of the cases they are treated together as Picks or Rejects, or... etc...