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Thu, Feb 28, 2013 2:08 PM


Lightroom: Crashed Synching Smugmug Integration with JSON error message


My lightroom 4 crashed while I was trying to sync some of my galleries. Please see the attached screenshot of the error pop-up message.

Environment: OSX 10.8.2 late 2013 iMac
Lightroom: Version 4.1

Smugmug: Power Plan

Use case:

Synching multiple galleries via the lightroom/smugmug integration

The error message (complete with a json packet) appeared on the screen and my lightroom became unresponsive. I've filed an equivalent ticket with Smugmug.

Please look at the attached screenshot for details about the error message.

p.s. I'm not looking for a "work-around" shutting down my lightroom and re-starting made lightroom operational again (although I haven't tried re-syncing). But I just wanted to let you know about the integration issue so that you could possibly wrap the exception or issue to avoid future problems.

Official Solution

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9 y ago

The SmugMug plugin in Lightroom is created by SmugMug - you should contact them for a fix to the plugin.



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9 y ago

Well, HTML is never going to parse JSON. An HTML payload should never be passed to a JSON decoder that can't handle it.

That being said, I don't think the SDK ships with a JSON module (plus, it would be "LrJson." or something), so my guess is that the offending code is in the plug-in proper.

Obviously, this is an exception case. The plug-in should be changed to handle this exception case.

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9 y ago

have you tried updating to Lightroom 4.3?