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Sun, Sep 25, 2011 1:55 PM


Lightroom: Display A & B Drive letters in Import Destination on Windows (NOT FIXED in 6.3))

In the import dialogue in Lightroom 3 on Windows the drive letters A: and B: does not show up. I have A: assigned to an HDD and B: assigned to an SSD where I like to save my DNG files. (It was a VERY long time ago since those drive letters were reserved for floppy drives).

My suggestion is to make all drive letters assigned to an attached storage device visible as a destination in the import dialogue.

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6 m ago

I don't believe this is a limitation imposed by Adobe, but rather a limitation imposed by the Windows operating system. Whether or not it can be overridden with the  "assign" command is something you might consider exploring.



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Windows has allowed drive letters A and B to be assigned to arbitrary disks since at least Windows XP.  LR Classic can easily import from A & B -- see my previous post. It's just a silly bug that LR Classic doesn't list A & B in the Import window's Source column.

The ill-fated redesign of the Import window in LR 6.2.1 fixed this bug, but when Adobe backed out of the fiasco in LR 6.3, the bug came back :-<

In LR Desktop (Cloud), you can easily do Add Photos for pics residing on A and B.